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Spanish Classes

Beginner Spanish

This beginner Spanish course focuses on basic greetings, sharing personal information, vocabulary related to jobs, food, clothes, etc., verb meanings and use in the simple present tense, basic punctuation and spelling, using numbers and the alphabet, and listening and pronunciation skill development. No prior knowledge of Spanish is required. Max 10 students per class. 1 hour class / 1x per week. Mondays at 5:00 pm, $40 for 4 classes.

Intermediate Spanish

This intermediate level course builds on prior knowledge of Spanish studies, including basic vocabulary, and verb tenses such as the present and past tense. In this course students will refine their speaking skills in a small group setting, and be able to apply newly acquired vocabulary and verb tenses into conversation. Students will be exposed to listening activities from native Spanish speakers and be able to answer questions and engage in discussion prompts based on the material they heard. Students should have 4+ years of Spanish experience from an academic setting, and may be asked to participate in a speaking interview before entering the class. 1 hour class / 1x per week. Day TBD. $40 for 4 classes.

Beginner German

Coming coon! Please contact [email protected] for more information about German classes.

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